Download Youtube Chrome

A free chrome extension to download Youtube videos on your computer, works for both Mac and Windows.

Version 2.0 - Released Nov 26, 2014

Update the extension to work with the new Youtube interface.

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Installation Guide:

  1. Download the extension zip file by clicking the Download button above.
  2. Unzip the zip file on your local hard drive.
  3. Copy & Paste "chrome://extensions" to your browser address bar.
  4. Tick the check box of Developer mode
  5. Click the Load unpacked extension button
  6. Locate the unzipped folder on your computer and click Open.
  7. Go to Youtube and enjoy downloading!

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Version 1.8 - Released Dec 9, 2012

Update the extension to work with the new Youtube interface.

Version 1.7 - Released Sep 20, 2012

Fixed minor bugs which did not affect usage.

Version 1.6 - Released Sep 17, 2012

Youtube made some changes disabled the extension. This version fixed the problem.

Version 1.5 - Released Aug 8, 2012

Fixed a bug causing the video title cannot be displayed properly when there are quote marks in the title.

Version 1.4 - Released Jul 15, 2012 (Latest Version)

A few improvement was included:

  • Improved the download links to allow left click to download the video files;
  • Improved the interface slightly;
  • Fixed the version number.

Version 1.3 - Released Jul 13, 2012

Fixed a bug that causes the extension not displaying when there is new format.

Version 1.2 - Released Feb 19, 2012

Fixed a bug causing a minor Javascript error.

Version 1.1 - Released Feb 6, 2012

Fixed a bug in the download links of some formats.

Version 1.0 - Released Feb 5, 2012

First major release of Download Youtube Chrome, a Chrome extension to download Youtube videos for free.

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